No extra masala trivia in this post.
Just a list of great dishes, divided by categories, for those looking for options for an Indian keto diet.

a list for those looking for ideas while trying an Indian keto diet.

1. Soups  and Salads (7)

  1. Cream of Spinach soup with stir fried mushrooms / broccoli
  2. Cream of mushroom
  3. Chicken manchow soup
  4. Green salad
  5. Tomato salad (with cheese)
  6. Chicken salad

2. Paneer (4)

  1. Palak Paneer
  2. Paneer Tikka
  3. Shahi Paneer
  4. Paneer Masala

3. Vegetarian  (17)

Vegetarian Dishes
  1. Cauliflower rice (use this to replace normal rice)
  2. Stir fried mushrooms, capsicum and spinach
  3. Mushroom pepper fry
  4. Kombhu barthad
  5. Stir fried cauliflower
  6. Cauliflower curry in coconut milk 
  7. Tandoori Gobhi
  8. Cabbage thoran (Kerala style)
  9. Soya nugget curry
  10. Crispy Andhra Bhindi
  11. Masala stuffed brinjal / Ennai Kathrikkai (recipe)
  12. Baingan ka Bharta
  13. Cashew Vegetable korma
  14. Coconut milk based Ladies finger curry
  15. Vegetable kurma
  16. Tamarind Pumpkin curry
  17. Lauki ki sabzi

4. Drinks (5)

  1. Bullet Coffee  (Coffee mixed with  coconut oil , cream and butter mix )
  2. Sol Kadhi
  3. Green tea (without sugar)
  4. Sulaimani tea
  5. Lime juice (salt)

5. Eggs (11)

  1. Cheese omelette (olive oil and butter)
  2. Bacon and Eggs
  3. Scrambled egg with capsicum (olive oil and butter)
  4. Egg bhurji
  5. Egg curry
  6. Kerala egg roast
  7. Shahi egg masala
  8. Poached eggs
  9. Tomato egg fry
  10. Tomato prawn egg fry
  11. Bengali Spicy Egg Curry

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6. Chicken (10)

  1. Butter Chicken
  2. Chicken Xacuti
  3. Coconut chicken curry
  4. Chettinad Pepper Chicken
  5. Tangdi Kabab
  6. Chicken Kolhapuri
  7. Chicken Tandoori
  8. Amritsari Chicken Masala
  9. Chicken and Broccoli stir fry

7. Meat (11)

  1. Mutton Kheema
  2. Saag (Spinach) Mutton
  3. Laal Maas
  4. Rogan Ghosh
  5. Mutton Stir Fry
  6. Coorg style Pandi Pork curry
  7. Pork Vindaloo
  8. Goan pork sausage
  9. Beef ularthiyadu
  10. Beef korma
  11. Beef dry fry (BDF)

8. Seafood (10)



NO – rice, wheat, fruits, flour, maida, sooji, sugar, potatoes, root vegetables.

LIMITED – UP TO 15g Carbohydrates or 25g of legumes/ dal

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